An (安) means peaceful and tranquil.
      Kang (康) means happy and healthy.
An Kang Living is a lifestyle and home design consultancy for Ageing In Place.
At An Kang Living, our goal of creating Home For Life is to help people continue living safely, happily, and independently in their own homes longer. We work with clients to assess the home environment for safety and accessibility.
Creating Home for Life goes well beyond installing grab bars or providing non-slip flooring in toilets and showers. It extends to the need to comprehend how the human body responds to the ageing process as well as providing solutions to address the mental and social issues associated with growing older.
Our solutions help the clients remain in their own homes even as they grow older and their needs and abilities change, while participating in the activities and tasks they enjoy and are important in their lives.

We work with the client, their family, caregiver, medical professionals, contractors and other individuals as requested by the client to ensure continuity of care.