About Us
When you decide to move to a new home or to modify your existing home to make it more accessible or comfortable as you age, you want to have the job handled by an Ageing In Place design specialist. With our emphasis on creating homes that allows clients to age in place gracefully, we see things a bit differently than the typical interior designer or contractor and can be an excellent partner in helping you create a better environment for your retirement years.
    Tan Hee Kiah, MSc, BA, founder of An Kang Living, earned a BA First Class Honours Design For Industry degree from University of Northumbria (UK) in 1994 and a Master degree of Human Factors from Link√∂ping University (Sweden) and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) in 2003. He is an adjunct lecturer with National University of Singapore (NUS) and an associate faculty member of UniSIM. In his previous appointment with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), he is the in-house design and human factors specialist at the Design Center, providing design consultancy services for organizations such as Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Defence Science Organisation (DSO), Johnson & Johnson, Siemens and Scanteak. In 2003 he presented a human factors research paper at the Proceedings of XV Triennial Congress International Ergonomics Association - Ergonomics in the Digital Age, Seoul, Korea, on the use of technology to improve medication adherence of elderly adults living in the community. (To read the paper click here). 

Among the organization he had worked with prior to joining NYP are Hewlett Packard Singapore and Samsung Electronics. He is a member of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. (www.hfes.org)

Hee Kiah founded An Kang Living in 2009 to provide services which combine his expertise in human factors and design. His goal is to create safe and secure home environments that will adapt to client’s physical abilities as they advance in age.