Home Design
 At An Kang Living, we see every client as an individual with unique capabilities and preferences. Trained professionals at An Kang Living will work with client to conduct thorough assessment and evaluation before providing the client with a menu of design options. Allowing the client to choose what works for them by customizing the home to their needs in the years ahead.

Do not mistaken that home for Ageing In Place should be looking like a hospital or a nursing home.

With the professional services of An Kang Living, your home for life will be comfortable, safe and much to be desired. It will be a home that gives you great pleasures in many aspects of your life and one which you will be proud of and happy to welcome visits from friends and relatives.

Home for Life designed and built for comfort, safety and accessibility can look beautiful and luxurious. A design that reflects your lifestyle choice.
Furniture specially designed and customized for comfortable seating and stability can be stylish looking too.
Designer fittings come in a variety of color and finishing to satisfy your taste and preference.