Our Services
To design Home For Life, we have to work with our clients closely to understand their needs. We apply Universal Design techniques to seamlessly modify the client’s home or create a new one, allowing the clients to stay in their own homes as long as they want . . . safely and comfortably. Our person-centric design approach involves a comprehensive home evaluation, observing the client and interviewing the client to gather insights and information about the client and the extent of home modifications that might be required for the client to remain independent in their own home.
Observing and Interviewing the client:

This is a very crucial part of the design process that will help the designer get a better idea of the client’s needs. This evaluation is comprehensive in structure and includes physical, sensory, functional and leisure, and cognitive components to determine needs for safety measures in the home.

Activity analysis can help the designer experience how the client "lives" in their environment.

This holistic approach of discovering the client can further involve the caregiver and other medical advisors to determine additional needs.

Home Evaluation:

This evaluation will include a thorough look at the client's living environment, with a particular emphasis on the unique needs of the clients and their particular restrictions and impairments. Investigation includes items such as:

Trip Hazards
Slip-Resistance of Flooring
Areas of poor lighting
Door Width and Operation
Kitchen Sink and Table Top Heights
Flooring Transitions
Accessibility of cabinets and other household utilities
Safety in Bathroom & Toilet
Equipped with the information gathered through this unique design process, the design consultant at An Kang Living will be ready to come up with home designs and improvements that promote seniors’ highest levels of physical and cognitive functioning and emotional well-being – in ways that support dignity, self-esteem, and quality of life. This in-depth understanding will help in creating safe and secure home environments that will adapt to their physical abilities as they advance in age.