Technology for Ageing In Place

Assistive Technology: the products and services that allow people to enjoy productive, independent lives, with the use of technology.


Caregiver Cameras allowing loved ones or caregivers to monitor what is happening in the house from any computer.

Door Cameras allowing the residents to see who is at the door from the computer on closed-circuit television.

Variety of Door and/or Phone devices for Sensory Impaired.

Motion sensor light switch.

Trip/Fall Alarms.

Strobe light assisted smokes and fire alarms.

Medication Reminders

Internet Based Social Networking community (FACEBOOK, MSN, SKYPE, TWITTER etc)

Simply open an account with any of the social networking community in the internet, and you can be instantaneously connected with families, friends and caregivers whenever you choose to go online in the comfort of your own home. Some of these programs also allow for Two-Way Video Communication. Where ever your loved ones may be, live two-way video communication can help keep you connected to family and friends.

Smart Homes

Home appliances can be installed with sensors that can detect whether or not an appliance is in use. If the appliance is not being used, it can be automatically turned off, even if nobody is inside the house.

A system of camera-free sensors are strategically located in the home to monitor resident’s activities of daily living, so that family caregivers can have a sense of how well their loved one is doing. If needed, family members and care providers can respond immediately.